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Amphora KOV
PealkiriAmphora 13.0 release notes (LIVE)
RegistreerijaTaavi Paal
Viimase muutmise aeg30.04.2020
Testing: after committing changes.

Beta usage: 19.03.2020 
Pilot usage: 24.03.2020 
Production usage: XX.03.2020

  1. Added fix to form edit where some form elements could not be placed side-by-side (e.g. checkbox, datetime, deadline etc)
  2. Scroll position is not maintained when going from form list to form edit view (page will not jump in the middle)
  3. Replaced dropdownlists with raddropdownlists in form edit view for form generali properties
  4. Added version dropdownlist to form edit view (only visible when form has versions)
  5. Added ::CURUSERJOB:: to html templates
  6. Party role allowed character count is increased to 500 (e.g. job)
  7. Added SPOKU form versioning (Amphora will detect if form has been modified in SPOKU and update or create a new version of the current Amphora form)
  8. Fixed problem with VexPro relations when added from inside VexPro
  9. User personal code can now be inserted when adding new contact in delivery (ver 12.11.9)
  10. Autoprocess confirm window now works with contact groups
  11. Corrected error message when registering document is not allowed to a folder (controlled by infoesitlus)
  12. New Message quick menu item is not displayed in environments with documents/messages merged
  13. MSO Conversionservice - new docx to pdf converter using Microsoft Word in server
  14. Fixed invoice  netosum display for imported invoices if VAT is missing
  15. Fixed invoice sending message - error message will be displayed if sending to AIP and this invoice has been delivered already
  16. Fixed invoice sending - sending is in real time, no need to reopen an invoice to see sending result
  17. SPOKU/KOVMEN documents can be automatically registered inside a case (setup in registration profile)
  18. Conditional process for SPOKU/KOVMEN documents (setup in registration profile)
  19. Delivery fields for KOVMEN documents (setup in registration profile)
  20. History event of file download in self-service portal process will be added
  21. Task done button is removed from signing task in document process edit view
  22. Self-service delivery option when creating outgoing delivery. Will create process when Send button is pressed
  23. Selection of My Events / My Organization Events on front page calendar
  24. Option to add composite title to registered KOVMEN/SPOKU document (setup in registration profile)
  25. Added calculating sum across multiple form elements based on form element default value formula (e.g. sum(prop1, prop2, prop3))
  26. Telerik components update (2020.1.114 -> 2020.1.219 ) 
  27. DateTime control has times now in 4 columns (was 6)
  28. Policy "Näita kõikide üksuste isikuid" now works
  29. Removed conversion buttons from Versions panel when main file is PDF
  30. Form edit view control labels tooltip displays control's propertyname
  31. Registering an E-mail with empty content body will not throw an exception anymore
  32. Added report Get_Report_IncomingDocumentsByDeliveryChannels
  33. Outgoing not-sent deliveries are moved from draft legislation to legislation after generating legislation (delivery is deleted from draft after registering document)
  34. When creating asnwer to a document with incoming delivery channel SPOKU or KOVMEN, the answer document's delivery channel will be "Iseteenindus (teadmiseks)" by default
  35. Admin -> Reports. Removed 'start immediately' checkbox and column, updated layout
  36. Substituent ("asendaja" ja "asendatav") words are now in bold on front page delegations panel
  37. Html editor panel is not visible any more for writing forms
  38. When changing document loading way then metadata that are not part of the new form will be removed (e.g. answer_date) (removed)
  39. ENTER key can be used for saving document
  40. Answer deadline +30 days will now be added only to incoming deliveries (removed)
  41. "Lisa" option is removed from "Koosta" menu when no default form is selected in form edit view



  1. Fixed sending to VOLIS - recipient address will be "volis.[reg.code]"
  2. Delivery update is not allowed for VOLIS
  3. Removed "Manus" option from autoprocess tasks
  4. Removed ENTER key functionality from document forms (new loading, new writing, editing)

13.0.2 (02.04.2020 PärnuLV)

  1. Mark done checkbox is visible again for signing tasks

13.0.3 (23.04.2020 alfa)

  1. Attempts to convert a document against each conversionservice has been increased to 5 attempts 
  2. Fixed tracelog for conversion attempts - no log was generated
  3. PDF check is added to file conversion - if destination format is pdf then result header will be checked

13.0.4 (25.04.2020 beta, pilot, live)

  1. Fixed file references while answering to message

13.0.5 (28.04.2020 beta, pilot,live)

  1. Fixed conversion - JOD Converter support is added if MSO Converter fails

13.0.6 (30.04.2020 ALFA)

  1. Fixed "Send to RT" button signature container validation


  1. All ACL records are calculated and saved in database
  2. All sql queries using MaxRight are refactored to use pre-saved ACL records
  3. Add custom weight to specific ACL record
  4. Update of WebDAV server and client components to latest version
  5. Update of Telerik components to latest version - DONE
  6. SPOKU and KOVMEN developments