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Amphora KOV
PealkiriAmphora 12.11 release notes (LIVE)
RegistreerijaJanis Paju
Viimase muutmise aeg11.12.2019
Testing: after committing changes.

Beta usage: 30.11.2019 
Pilot usage: 07.2019   
Production usage: 07.12.2019

  1. Added new classificators for VOLIS record type (classificator_main_id 751-759). Property VolisRecordType should be added to draft legislation forms as dropdownlist for correct sending via DHX
  2. Added validation to sender e-mail address when sending from E-mail module
  3. Fixed url to document process in process e-mail (problem when document category was changed from writing -> loading)
  4. Enabled download icon in item files list when item is locked
  5. Invoice improvements:
    1. Seller TransactionPartnerCode support has been added (PDF support also);
    2. InvoiceParty supports (readonly) new fields: GLN, UniqueCode, TransactionPartnerCode, DepId
    3. VAT and SUM columns have been added for journal entries
    4. Journal entry balance with VAT has been added (before was netosum only)
  6. Changed parsing of "To:" e-mail field when registering e-mail. Now, when multiple addresses are put in "To:" field, current user organization is added as receiver and all e-mails are added as comment.
  7. Added new form controls: ucDeadline, ucUserChooser
  8. Added new Letter form template tags: xRESPPERSONEMAILx, xRESPPERSONPHONEx
  9. Refactored Letter templates functionality (added support for & symbol)
  10. Fixed DHX registration button visibility
  11. New conversion service - JODConverter
  12. PDF generation (using JODConverter) for all documents (if source format supports pdf)
  13. By default, the PDF version of the file is processed in the document process
  14. Fixed layout of Registration profile view (XML file upload button and download link)
  15. Additional logging added to SPOKU and removal of xmlns from <form> tag
  16. Added direct link to document in validation error message in Archive module when archiving folder items (after modifying opened document/message and saving, Amphora will redirect back to the previously open file folder)
  17. Smart-ID signing support in self signing portal
  18. Telerik components update (2019.2.514->2019.3.917)
  19. Default signing format is ASICe (Time-Stamp) 
  20. Conversion (in version panel) is using newconversion service (JODConverter)


  1. Fixed displaying process tasks at Self Service Portal while restoring document previous versions
  2. Improved date control while archiving
  3. Fixed email validation translation of verdict  at tooltip
  4. Fix default retention settings creating new file of archive  - do not change default values on save
  5. Increased width of listboxes in counter edit view and added tooptip to listbox items


  1. Fixed issue with opening VexPro with WebDav and template id getting lost
  2. Added unit title to generated file folder title
  3. Added "eesti keel" as default when starting to add new file folder
  4. Added direct link to file folder from disposal list grid
  5. Replaced "arhivaalid" with "dokumendid" in disposal act
  6. Fixed initialize of document opening from top menu (panels visibility, default values)
  7. Fixed credit invoice total sum (negative is allowed)
  8. Fixed panels of cases and signing visibility while adding a new document
  9. Fixed loading default values while changing form at document module (reset values assigned by previous form )

12.11.3 (alfa 28.11.2019)

  1. Added street to delivery full address. Improved full address for manually added delivery address.
  2. Signing improvements - SIGa service is in use (Smart-ID, ID-card, Mobile-ID)
  3. Fixed sending an email - email will be saved to correct sent folder (account related with sender email)
  4. Fixed size of sender e-mail address combobox when sending email from @ icon
  5. Optimized global search execution time 
  6. Originating files (not in PDF format) are sent when multiple documents are processed at once
  7. Destroyed items have been removed from public view


  1. Destroyed file folder has no choice "Restore from archive" anymore
  2. Duplicate logging events has been removed from object readview
  3. Changing the form on a new document form removes the master file attached by the template
  4. Fixed adding restriction when adding new document if folder is not initially selected and folder is created from default value of default form.
  5. Fixed default values initialization on new document form  - some null reference exceptions were detected
  6. Improved logging for signing
  7. Fixed signing with Mobile-ID - phone number correction (+372)
  8. Removed blocking email sending when validation failed


  1. Added mass-signing components
  2. Fixed bug with answer_deadline in document list view