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Amphora KOV
PealkiriAmphora 12.8 release notes
RegistreerijaJanis Paju
Viimase muutmise aeg29.05.2019
Testing: after committing changes.

Beta usage: 26.03.2019 
Pilot usage: 27.03.2019   
Production usage: 27.03.2019

  1. Admin/Users: grid state is now persisted in database, small fixes and changes
  2. Delegations panel's file list now displays pdf file that is associated with legislation .akt file
  3. Character limit in Discussions module is corrected to 4000
  4. DHX error handling  improvements - status and error messages
  5. Sales invoice generation improvements - schema validation support is added (invoices generated based on contracts)

12.8.1 27.03.2019 beta

  1. Sales invoice generation is improved - validation check has been added;  payment reference number has been removed (wrong field was used)
  2. Invoice party selection has been improved - preferred is organization version with address

12.8.2 28.03.2019 live

  1. DHX error handling  improvements 
  2. DVK translated to DHX (activating DHX for all)

12.8.3 30.03.2019 live

  1. DHX  improvements - sending to Riigi-Teataja
  2. Delivery content display is fixed  

12.8.4 04.04.2019 beta

  1. ERR-8 fixed (clients search was throwing error)  
  2. Receiving DHX document has been improved - reject duplicates; correct unit detection; logging
  3. Delivery publishing has been improved 

12.8.5 05.04.2019 alfa

  1. DHX improvements for KOVTP documents
  2. DHX improvements to sending multiple recipients (message module) - different consignmentID for each recipient
  3. DHX error handling improvements - separated errors for each recipient 

12.8.6 08.04.2019 beta

  1. DHX improvements for KOVTP documents
  2. DHX improvements - line break error fixed for MessageForRecipient 

12.8.7 09.04.2019 beta

  1. DHX improvements for resending - recipients details are updated
  2. DHX document receiving  improvements to detect right UNIT_ID (unit with max active users is preferred)
  3. DHX improvements - line break error fixed for MessageForRecipient


  1. Added possibility to use FOP print templates in Amphora (it is nessecary to use the updated conversion service)
  2. ERR-9 fixed (Krediidiinfo search now correctly assigns contact mechanism type id-s)
  3. Fixed some problems with legislation system: a) eelnõu tag was previously not removed when generating legislation, b) documents can now be modified with Amphora client without breaking link between file versions, c) fixed problem where after modifying akt with WebDav, modified form fields were not applied to akt template.
  4. DHX improvements - when response is DHX.Duplicate then status will be received not failed
  5. .AKT file is replaced with .PDF in public view  (when pdf exists)


  1. Kovmen registration improvements - groups of elements will not require names anymore
  2. Fix for legislation system - applying limitations clause (AK märge) to .akt template is improved

12.8.10 (06.05.2019 beta)

  1. An ANSI encoding support added when detecting e-invoice XML files
  2. Gateway X-Road v6 support is added 
  3. Krediidiinfo service improvements for asking VAT - error handling has added

12.8.11 (14.05.2019 beta, 19.05.2019 live)

  1. Signing improvements - signing container now gets its name from file name, not from title(using fast signing method).
  2. Answer date fix - answer date is added to a message with multiple versions upon answering.
  3. Fixed copying reply letter. initiative_letter_id(document table) was carried over to a new letter.
  4. Empty file upload has been denied in document module - error message will be displayed
  5. If registering e-mail from E-mail module or Outlook, document title will now come from e-mail title
  6. When replying to initial letter, sender identifier(seosviit) will be copied to reply letter.
  7. An event field with modified fields information has been added to the event log

12.8.12 (22.05.2019 beta)

  1. Reverted change in signing container naming. Signing container still gets name from document title. (Fixes signing document from Messages module).