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PealkiriAmphora 12.7 release notes (finished)
RegistreerijaIngmar Pappel
Viimase muutmise aeg23.03.2019
Testing: after committing changes.
Beta usage: 01.01.2019 
Pilot usage: 02.02.2019   
Production usage: 02.02.2019
  1. Invoice PDF detection is fixed when file name is missing 
  2. Document and message module integration - message answer will be in document module (new form LETTER in document module)
  3. Document module has new panel "Delivery" - IN and OUT deliveries
  4. Small changes in new outgoing email: total size of email attachments is calculated, if size of attachment(s) more than 2 MB, color yellow (warning), if size of attachment(s) more than 10 MB, color red (alert); Recipient boxes (To: Cc: Bcc:) are multiline; Personal message to every recipient is checked by default.


12.7.1 02.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed error inside delivery panel (multiple organizations with same registry code)
  2. Fixed Olive skin problem in delivery wizard (channels list)
  3. Fixed contact search for input delivery (contacts without email allowed)
  4. Fixed message answer delivery channel will be same as input message channel 

12.7.2 04.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed error in delivery wizard with IE
  2. Editor panel is opened if contains text
  3. Letter form in document module supports default limitation of message folder - first, the document module limitation is checked and, if missing, the message module limitation is checked
  4. Folder filters supports message folders if document and message modules are integrated
  5. Remember selected folder for message folders in document module
  6. Allow incoming delivery delete if channel is email
  7. Fixed sending DVK document with no limitation (public document)

12.7.3 06.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed dvk  document registration

12.7.4 07.01.2019 beta

  1. Delivery answer is NOT SENT for default 
  2. Add new person / organization for incoming delivery 
  3. Incoming delivery has change button
  4. Adding new person / organization for incoming delivery

12.7.5 08.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed adding outgoing delivery with IE and Firefox

12.7.6 09.01.2019 beta

  1. Delivery wizard fixes - recipient and sender initialization is fixed
  2. Incoming delivery is fixed - if delivery has been saved and change after 
  3. Fill message answer date if answer is a document
  4. Mark message responsible person task done if answer is a document (depends on policy like message)
  5. Answer document (letter) HTML editor content will not be overwrited by initiative letter content

12.7.7 10.01.2019 beta

  1. Case preview webdav support is fixed
  2. Some error handling added for saving document with signature

12.7.8 12.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed delivery registration from email - the sender and the recipient are not automatically linked to the register of persons and organizations
  2. Fixed outgoing DVK delivery compose - sender organization based on dhl_settings
  3. Fixed DVK sending if some delivery will not validate - validated deliveries will be sent
  4. Delivery error update if next attempt to send will be successful and previous caused an error
  5. Fixed partners initialization

12.7.9 14.01.2019 beta

  1. New ID-card support for authentication
  2. Fixed suborganization DVK sending - sender org is fixed
  3. Fixed some layout problems in front page
  4. Delivery status will be updated once per hour (DVK)
  5. Document XML export supports deliveries

12.7.10 15.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed error if signature file and item file has same names
  2. Document save is removed if document is opened by Amphora Client for reading
  3. If the main file is .act, only the .akt file is selected by default when processing the document
  4. Deleting the contents of the HTML editor when opening webdav or by Amphora Client has been improved
  5. Document restrictions are not saved when opening Amphora Client and Webdav anymore
  6. When opening Amphora client and Webdav, the document will no longer be published anymore - unpublishing is allowed

12.7.11 20.01.2019 beta

  1. Fixed document copying - deliveries will not be copied

12.7.12 22.01.2019 beta

  1. Outgoing delivery supports html editor content for email body - html editor choice is for DVK  only
  2. Document main file deleting support has been  added - if file element is not required
  3. New report for failed invoices  (Get_Report_AIP_Invoices_Failed) - if sending failed from Amphora Invoice Portal
  4. Alignment of form elements has been improved
  5. Telerik components update (2018.3.910 -> 2019.1.115)
  6. Deliveries are related with document first version
  7. Two new policies ("Allow search from Business register" and "Allow search from Population register") are added to Policies list. "Allow search from Business register" enables/disables Business register searchbar from Clients module -> Add new. "Allow search from Population register" is not yet implemented.
  8. Front page delegations now have a direct link to the related Amphora item. Link text is displayed according to item type (document, case, message, invoice).

12.7.13 30.01.2019 beta

  1. Favorites can now be deleted.
  2. Switching order of external persons in the new process task view does not reveal disallowed task types (for approval and for execution).
  3. Signing has now ASICe and BDOC_TS support
  4. Updating the .Net Framework to version 4.7.2 (4.6 before)

12.7.14 31.01.2019 beta

  1. Conversion is fixed (broken in 12.7.13)
  2. Signing improvements - BDOC_TS
  3. Long comment text on document's delegations panel wraps correctly and does not continue in a really long line.
  4. Front page delegations panel tabs are now color coded.

12.7.15 02.02.2019 beta

  1. Signing improvements for Amphora Self Service Portal - BDOC_TS and .asice support included

12.7.16 04.02.2019 beta

  1. Mass signing is fixed for BDOC TM (broken in 12.7.15)
  2. Updating the process and delivery file relationships has been improved

12.7.17 08.02.2019 test

  1. The invoice registration email has been corrected - error occured before
  2. Additional file selection support has been added for deliveries
  3. Correction of process comment display for long comments
  4. Additional validation check has been added for deliveries - Riigi Teataja requires signing container; empty emails are not allowed;

12.7.18 13.02.2019 beta

  1. Support for changing outgoing delivery
  2. Entering a new recipient in the delivery form
  3. Task deadline for the task of the responsible person

12.7.19 16.02.2019 beta

  1. Support of element "Addition" has been added for "InvoiceSumGroup"
  2. Translations support has been added for delivery wizard
  3. Reply number has been improved for document answer 
  4. Signature correction if no ID card is available or the container format is selected after loading the Id card certificate
  5. Public view correction for letter answer date when response is in document module

12.7.20 19.02.2019 beta

  1. SqlDateTime overflow error is fixed in document process form
  2. Applying default values is improved for documents and cases

12.7.21 20.02.2019 beta

  1. Editor file name is changed - same as field title ("Text editor.htm" / "Tekstiredaktor.htm")
  2. Correction for saving the editor publishing check box

12.7.22 21.02.2019 beta

  1. Corrected the title of the web cell modification
  2. Added check that bulk signing leaves unsigned ASIC containers - ASICe support is not added yet
  3. Corrected .asice file registration from Outlook to message module

12.7.23 25.02.2019 beta

  1. When you add a new person or organization to a delivery, email and phone will be marked as main
  2. File display correction - If the form had a default template, the file name will not appear immediately after changing the form

12.7.24 02.03.2019 beta

  1. In the form settings, the delivery panel can be made active in public view
  2. Improved incoming delivery edit - search of organization and person do not support free text anymore

12.7.25 04.03.2019 beta

  1. Improved sender name display in delivery panel (object reference error may occur while registrating from email)
  2. Registration of email has been changed - removed detection of sender type (person/organization) ; sender will be always person (otherwise user have to change it)

12.7.26 05.03.2019 beta

  1. DVK/DHX validation error messages translation. Number validation is added.
  2. Name of sender organization has been fixed in public view after first save
  3. Incoming delivery update has been changed - update occurs when wizard OK/READY/Valmis button is pressed

12.7.27 beta

  1. Generating legislation from draft legislation now also copies additional files to the generated legislation.
  2. Generating "Päevakorra protokoll" now will include presenters from PersonChooser (for tag ::PÄEVAKORRAD2::) (note: PartyChooser 'Amp. välja nimi' must be "ettekandja").
  3. DHX improvements

12.7.28 beta 18.03.2019

  1. Sending invoice to accounting has been improved - sending button was disabled when ItemSum of invoice row was 0
  2. DHX sending validation improvements - check sender reg code 
  3. Xroad regsitration supports registration profile rules
  4. Registration profiles CurrentDate field support is added
  5. Email sending improved - delivery parties detection are fixed
  6. Registration profile initialize has been improved - Add button is enabaled
  7. Xroad detailview - new field ConsignmentId (for DHX)
  8. Getting translation has been improved - partially supports case sensitive words
  9. Organization add and update has been improved -  registry code unique check is added for a new organizations and for changing existing value

    12.7.29 beta 20.03.2019

    1. Signing error logging has been improved
    2. ConsignmentID display is activated in detail view of xroad document 
    3. Editing translations is immediately visible to all users
    4. DHX sending improved
    5. Admin/User groups grid state save/restore to/from database 

    12.7.30 production  23.03.2019

    1. DHX sending improved