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Amphora KOV
PealkiriAmphora 12.6 release notes (beta)
RegistreerijaJanis Paju
Viimase muutmise aeg12.12.2018
Testing: after committing changes.
Beta usage: 13.11.2018 
Pilot usage: xx.xx.2018   
Production usage: xx.xx.2018   
  1. Close the PDF preview window with the ESC key - front page, document list
  2. File download fixed in favorites panel - download was not working
  3. HTML and PDF suppport is added for .AKT files (document edit form)
  4. HTML file open windows is refactored - universal function in .js file is in use (modules: front, document list, archive)
  5. Additional logging for file upload and scanning (new log type "File Upload")
  6. HTML preview is added for delegation files in front page
  7. Default sorting is fixed for TABS: approval, execution, notice and signing (deadline sort is primary like in "All" tab)
  8. Invoice registration from email supports PDF detection in addition to XML
  9. Case objects columns min-width is fixed in readview
  10. Message process is fixed when signing container has more than one signature from same person
  11. WebDAV Ajax Library and plugins updated to v5.8.4219.0 -
  12. WebDAV browser updated to v5.3.0.3290 -
  13. Deletion of the case  on the document change form has been corrected
  14. Forms tuning (document forms only) is the option to automatically create a case
  15. Legislation generation is added for legal act draft
  16. Automatic case generation support for new documents

12.6.1 (19.11.2018)
  1. PDF and HTML generation from -AKT files is optimized
12.6.2 (20.11.2018)
  1. Case objects evevts are fixed
    12.6.3 (27.11.2018)
    1. Opening a relation (email)  is fixed
    2. Opening a process from email is fixed
    3. Legislation draft supports file conversion print templates
      12.6.4 (29.11.2018)
      1. File webdav edit link in message detail view is fixed


      12.6.5 (05.12.2018)
      1. Legislation generation will copy case relations
      2. The PersonChooser is supported to show the name and position of the person in the full-screen view of the agenda
      12.6.6 (12.12.2018)
      1.  Opening text-based files without locking file
      2. .akt file conversion supports limitations now
      3. .akt conversion to html and pdf occurs after item and document is added (so far was the opposite). Excessive file conversion has been removed.
      4. PDF converison by webservice supports print settings of form (XSL template for file conversion). Webservice is used when PDF is missing and "View PDF" is pressed.
      5. Legislation generation is fixed - reference to form was missing and conversion (html, pdf) before additional save was not correct