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Amphora KOV
PealkiriAmphora 12.5 release notes (live)
RegistreerijaJanis Paju
Viimase muutmise aeg21.11.2018
Testing: after committing changes.
Beta usage: 13.10.2018 
Pilot usage: 17.10.2018   
Production usage: 20.10.2018   
  1. Checking new emails fixed -displaying error message if failed
  2. Default invoice dimension settings will be created when new dimensions are imported
  3. Document drafts (during editing with Webdav) are no longer public 
  4. Message signatures are removed while uploading new file
  5. History comments are added for  processes generated  by system
  6. "Save and send" option is fixed after saving changes in DVK outgoing message
  7. Fixed invoice PDF display in front page on delegation panel
  8. Fixed process task approval in front page by substitute 
  9. Process icon display is fixed in relation chooser results
  10. Copy form as new is fixed
  11. Front page initialization is optimized
  12. Delegation panel is always active (if it's visible) even when no active tasks 

12.5.1 (18.10.2018)

  1. Finished tasks paging is fixed in front page
  2. Default folder module check is added for document and case forms 
  3. Not allowed directories in the module have been removed from the case detail view
  4. Case objects window default size is decreased
  5. External party logging in with an id card no longer takes a person's name

12.5.2 (24.10.2018)

  1. Message fast signing is fixed - message body text was cut if over 1000 symbols
  2. The number of the reply message is fixed when two different responses to different messages are recorded in succession 
  3. Fix file upload error in DVK message answer form
  4. "textarea" field type support is added for KOVMEN registration

12.5.3 (21.11.2018)

  1. Message "is public" field is updated by default value when folder is changed
  2. Document additional registration remembers publish values now