Testing: after committing changes.

Beta usage: 30.05.2019 
Pilot usage: 08.06.2019   
Production usage: 08.06.2019

  1. Telerik components update (2019.1.215.45 -> 201.2.514.45) https://www.telerik.com/support/whats-new/aspnet-ajax/release-history/ui-for-asp-net-ajax-r2-2019-(version-2019-2-514)
  2. Updated translation in usergroup modules (DVK->DHX)
  3. Item relations are copied from draft legislation to legislation when generating legislation
  4. Illegal characters (\/:*?"<>|;) are removed from main file name when adding new main file to document
  5. Fixed problem where user with "Write" (lisamine) rights was not able to open document in PDF preview
  6. Small fixes to task view: history panel is visible in comments view, fixed layout issues, comment will now be displayed in multiple lines
  7. Improved displaying history events in the history panel when the message detail view was opened in readview mode by default
  8. Caselist in document view now displays correct time
  9. Fixed displaying item files while restoring previous version of document
  10. Fixed case list view (istungivaade). Speaker's names will now be added to the list (in case of textbox, property_name should be "ettekandja_text").
  11. Draft process will now save all process options (task type, all checkbox options etc)
  12. Delete check has been added for deleting person (contact) - not allowed if row of process exists
  13. Policy "Kataloogide vaatamine" is now working
  14. Fixed delivery display when related person or organization has been deleted
  15. Dropdownlist now doesn't ignore "is required" property
  16. New policy "Asja kopeerimisel kopeeri ka asja objektide lisafailid". Will be checked when copying case to new.
  17. Fixed sending sales invoice when payment description is empty and reference number is filled
  18. New field in organization detail view "Payee" (Makse saaja) - this field  is used in sales invoice footer and inside XML (PaymentInfo)
  19. New fields in DHX incoming list - recipient organization  and recipient person
  20. Removed registration profile "Message" ("Kiri") from DHX list if document and message modules are integrated
  21. Fixed sent DHX document unit relation -  DHX mesage unit will be inherited form document/message. It was depending on user before

12.9.1 (beta 01.06.2019)

  1. Fixed changing folder rights - remember selected values while changing filter
  2. Editing a file created with a template has been corrected - when the template is deleted
  3. File modification with Amphora client has been fixed
  4. The visibility of the DHX document registration button has been fixed

12.9.2 (Ahhaa 10.07.2019)

  1. PDF opening fixes (conversion result)
  2. Now counters can be updated by unit
  3. Fixed going back to previous version in legislation forms when document was not saved as redaction
  4. Deliveries panel can now be seen in read view (read view xslt files need to be updated on servers)
  5. Limitation end date is fixed as per TsÜS § 136 lg 2 (also is_active gets correctly saved to database)
  6. Sender e-mail is now validated before sending from E-mail module (removed code 12.06)
  7. When registering with e-mail registration profile, form deafult folder will be applied to new document
  8. Policy "Automatic fill in of message response deadline (+30 days)" is now working with "Kiri" form.
  9. Contact main e-mail address is now selected when creating new delivery
  10. Document pop-up read view (radtooltipmanager) is fixed in IE 11
  11. Process comments in Messages and Case module now save linebreaks
  12. External party forms


12.9.3 ()

  1. Fixed autoprocess email notification with attachment for invoice
  2. Fixed process deletion for documents, messages, cases and invoices 
  3. Fixed opening process from invoice detail view - only one process will be initialized
  4. Fixed version panel initialization for legislation acts
  5. Fixed displaying invoice sum when taxes is not specified at the row level
  6. Smart-ID authentication support for self-service
  7. BuyInvoiceExportRequest (same content as BuyInvoiceRequest ) method has been added to ERP webservice
  8. Fixed check box enabled for internal use in document detail view